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What is The Highville?

The Highville is FASHION. The Highville is passion about fashion, knowing about it, wanting to learn more, enjoying it and being able to get iconic fashion accessories at affordable prices.

The Highville is knowledge about fashion.

The Highville is knowledge about trends, about designers, about influencers, about parades, about Fashions Weeks, about events, about iconic advertising campaigns, about collections, about emblematic people, ... The Highville is knowing about fashion, enjoying with it, wanting to learn more about it and knowing everything that has to offer from a cultural, intellectual and social entertainment aspect.

The Highville is passion for fashion. The Highville is passion for iconic fashion accessories, for details, for the craftswork needed to elaborate fashion accessories. The Highville is passion for well done work, for the accessories that enclose a tradition, a history, a culture and a know-how. The Highville is seeing a Chanel or a Louis Vuitton accessory and understand the magic that it gives off.

The Highville is SOLIDARITY. The Highville is supporting the local trade of your city and the social causes that matter to you.

The Highville is local business support. The Highville is the defense of the small stores, the support to the entrepreneurial initiatives, the defense of the small projects that have soul and much to contribute. The Highville is supporting the shops that make city and that we all want to keep. The Highville is maintaining the diversity that enriches your city


The Highville is supporting solidarity causes. The Highville is positioned with those causes that matter to you, with those causes that you want them to exist but that your day a day does not allow you think about them. The Highville is next to those causes you want to involve yourself with. The Highville maintains a commitment with the most unprotected through a great diversity of initia-tives of solidarity.

CHANEL SHOW 2017-2018

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